It was so good and relaxing body feels so light after workout. Especially the trainer J.Nandhini madam was so friendly and so motivating for workouts... Thanks to vairam gym...
Rogini D, Pondicherry
I'm really happy with the gym.good trainers and imported equipments.1 lost 5kg with in a month i'm happy to join again to again. thanks to vairam fitness.
KAILASH, Pondicherry
I'm satisfied with gym and trainee. I lost 7kgs from my old weight and also happy with equipments which you have provided to us. Its like a family members while we visit the "vairam fitness". I'm happy too join again and weight loss more
Azhahagammai, Pondicherry
I joined this gym almost a month ago. I can see that I’m much active and more flexible than before. The gym has a great vibe that would make you wanna workout the most out of you. Ms.Nandhini is helping me with my progress and I should say that she’s a good trainer. I feel so light on my feet now and I hope to get my ideal body soon.
Kaviya, Puducherry
I'm really happy to reviw about vairam fitness because I lost 40 kg within one year by just workouts.if i'm not coming vairam fitness i can't imagine about my obesity.Losing weight has actually made my life easier. I learned what's really "healthy" and "unhealthy" for me and the most important thing - don't treat your weight loss as a destination, learn to respect the fact that fitness is a life long journey.thanks to vairam
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